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Constitution Dinnerware

Constitution Dinnerware

    Constitution Dinnerware


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    Price: $375.00
    Front Design: ($2.50)
    Rear Design #1: ($2.50)
    Rear Design #2: ($2.50)
    Rear Design #3: ($2.50)
    Across From Handle #1: ($2.50)
    Across From Handle #2: ($2.50)
    Across From Handle #3: ($2.50)
    Front Personalization: ($3.00)
    Rear Personalization: ($3.00)
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    Call 603-746-1166 For Price Quote


    Constitution Dinnerware 5 Piece Place Setting Includes:
      • 10 5/8" Dinner Plate
      • 7 1/2" Salad Plate
      • 9" Rimmed Soup Bowl
      • 7 oz Stacking Cup
      • 6" Stacking Saucer

    Dinnerware orders take approx. 6-8 weeks for completion. Ordering The Officer's Mess Collection Placesettings:
      • Minimum of 12 place settings.
      • Other plate sizes and shapes available.
      • 11 piece Coffee Service Sets available for the EAGLE & CONSTITUTION patterns only.
      • Some plates are available for individual purchase.
      • Please call our Customer Service Department for further information.

    How To Order

    The front of the mug is considered facing away from the drinker when the handle is held in the right hand. Rear design would be facing drinker. Additional designs or applications should be referred to by using the corresponding "M" series number. Optional designs, ranks and rates can be placed on the front, back or opposite the handle. Each additional design is $2.00. If your unit/organization has a specific format for design, please indicate using detailed instructions. Due to space limitations on some mugs/steins, we reserve the right to use our artistic license and experience to create an aesthetically pleasing collector's item.

    For Navy and USCG Ranks, please be sure to note both the Rank and Rate for the full chevron. (For example: E7/R101 for BMC.) Note a "G" for Gold Chevrons. (Example: E7G/R101G). If the Rank is not noted, the Rate by itself will be placed on the mug in Gold only. (Example: R101G)

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