We have two updates for you first all orders with product mc-08 will be delayed by two weeks. Second we have implimented a new system for processing your orders. This has helped us to cut 2-3 weeks off the turnaround time. We hope to keep cutting back that time frame. Unfortunatly some things are still out of our control. Please know that we will continue to strive to get your orders out as quickly as possible.

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Please complete the form below or print & mail-in your corresponding form. Be sure to include any special instructions in the notes section of the form.

Offline Orders

Personalization will be typed in Old English with traditional upper and lower case, unless otherwise noted. Please specify if a different font is required. All titles will be typed based upon proper protocol, branch specific.

When ordering rank/rate, please note if the full chevron or only designator. Also, please note if gold chevrons are required (our default is red/blue).

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New Art Orders

When ordering an item with existing artwork, it will normally be shipped within 5-6 weeks of receipt of the order. If your order has new artwork, it will take approximately 8 weeks for shipment. Note, the new artwork must be approved by the customer prior to the order going into production.

New Art Charge

00-35 per mug/stein      One-time flat fee of $300.00
36-71 per mug/stein      One-time flat fee of $150.00
72+ per mug/stein      FREE

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