"We are currently on a 12-14 wk turnaround time". All colored and glass products will need to be ordered through the office. Please call or email to see availability..

Shipping and Return Policy

Ordering An Item With Existing or New Artwork

When ordering an item with existing artwork, it will normally be shipped within 8-10 weeks of receipt of the order. If your order has new artwork, it will take approximately 10-12 weeks for shipment. (Shipping times are approximate and may differ throughout the year.) Shipments are made via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx. All cartons and labels are numbered, so you will know how many cartons to expect. The label contains your order number. If you find it necessary to call us, please have this number handy for quick reference.

Rush Orders

A 5% rush charge will be applied (minimum $25.00) on orders when a rush is requested.

Shipping Issues

If an order has been shipped to the provided address, and it is returned by the shipper (i.e.: FedEx or USPS) the cost to reship is solely on the individual that placed the order.
If the error occurred by us we will reship the order at no cost.

Damaged Goods

We are experienced at shipping all over the world and use packing techniques to ensure safe delivery. However, if goods are damaged during shipment, please proceed as follows: PRIORITY MAIL: Notify the factory within 7 working days on unit letterhead with an itemized list of damaged goods. Please keep all items until you are contacted by our staff. FedEx: If the package appears damaged, you should have it inspected by the FedEx delivery person immediately. Do not accept a damaged package without a note saying that this was the case. Request that it be put in the FedEx record before you sign for the package. We will immediately replace your goods and file a claim on your behalf. All items are guaranteed for safe delivery anywhere in the world.


Damaged Goods: if an order has been received broken, we must be notified within 10 days of receiving the order:
1. we will need photos of the product(s),
2. photo of the box the order was shipped in.

Defective Product: should your product have defects that renders the product unusable, please return the product to us for examination. After we receive the defective product we will contact you, letting you know if the product can be replaced at no cost.

Incorrect product: a product(s) will be replaced if it has been incorrectly made by us. All documentation received (order form/emails/photos) will be reviewed to confirm where the error occurred. Once a determination has been made, if it is our error, we will remake the product at no cost.